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“My dream was for my friends to have the best time of their life at my wedding reception. It’s safe to say that my dream came true. Shotgun Music saw to it. My friends are still talking about the great time they had!”
Theresa Knight

“I’ve been to three weddings in the last year. Only one of them was as good as mine. That’s the one that used Shotgun Music … just like we did. Shotgun Music gives you more for your money: more fun, more professionalism, more advance planning. I highly recommend them.”
Becky Lancaster

“Our school dance ROCKED. The DJ knew how to keep everyone on the floor all night long. ”
Sarah and Gina - Dance committee chairs

“My family is still talking about my reception from this past summer. My friends danced. My family danced. Even the kids danced. I could not be happier.”
Theresa and Nick N.

“I got invited to prom my junior year and it was kind of disappointing. I was on the prom committee my senior year because I was determined to find a better DJ. Shotgun Music was the best. I won't ever forget my senior prom.”
Christi E